Hybrid Repair


We are thrilled to announce that our team has successfully resolved the issues with the Range Rover hybrid unit. But we didn’t stop there! We took the extra time to dive deep into understanding and mastering the intricacies of this advanced technology.

So, if you have a Hybrid Range Rover and are facing any issues, rest assured that we’ve got you covered. Our expert team is equipped and ready to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Land Rover / Range Rover customers are told by the dealer network their battery is faulty and needs to be replaced at a huge expense - here at Bossway we can repair the hybrid battery which is in your vehicle currently at a large saving instead of buying new.

Do you have this error on your dashboard?

“Hybrid System and A/C Temporarily Unavailable”

We can successfully repair your vehicle, do you have any of these diagnostic fault / trouble codes?

  • Р0ВЗC-62
  • P0A1F-49 
  • P0B53-00
  • P0C47-31
  • P0C47-39
  • P0A1F

 If you have any of these fault codes then it's likely you will not have any voltage charging your 12v starter battery or auxiliary battery which means the car is not able to be driven any sort of distance.

 Battery Removal

We offer a full removal, repair and test service or you can send your battery to us.

Battery Examination

Once the battery is removed from the car we can start our technical inspection to asses and diagnose the fault of your battery.


Once the fault of your battery has been diagnosed by our technicians we will inform you of our diagnosis and then we can perform our repair of your unit.

Hybrid Battery Repair

We have experienced technicians who can test and repair or exchange parts which are inside your battery allowing for a fast, efficient and long lasting repair with a 12month warranty.


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Email: sales@bosseay.co.uk

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